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What is Solemate?

Solemate is a premium line of cosmetics and accessories for sneakers and shoes. Solemates is a community of sneakerlovers and enthusiasts. Our ambitious aim is a development of european sneaker-culture and sneaker-industry by gathering together professionals, enthusiast and sneaker-lovers.

 Regular communications with sneaker collectors, athletes and sneaker enthusiasts keep us up-to-date with main problems and challenges, on which our R&D department constantly works finding the best solutions. Successful result of our researches are carefully tested before getting to the store. We are always happy to hear your feedback and suggestions to apply it in future products. We are here to share our knowledge, experience and opinion about sneakers. But we also here to listen your advice, suggestions and cooperation. Lets build sneaker culture together.

What kind of materials I can clean with Solemate?

Solemate cleaner, if used correctly, works for all kinds of main fabric materials usually used in sneaker- and shoe- production: leather, sued, nubuck, natural and synthetic materials, rubber and many more.

Note: Be careful when applying Solemate to delicate materials like suede or nubuck, to be sure not to ruin the structure and colour. We recommend to use soft brushes and less water.


What is included in Solemate BASIC KIT?

Solemate Basic Kit includes 150ml bottle of premium cleaner, high-quality medium soft brush which works for all kinds of materials and microfiber towel, which effectively removes foam and dirt.


How often should I use Solemate?

We recommend to apply Solemate daily to prolong the freshness and keep the best look of your kicks.


Does Solemate work only for sneakers?

Solemate effectively cleans any kind of footwear from sneakers to classic shoes.

Does it clean suede and nubuck?

Yes, Solemate effectively cleans suede and nubuck. While cleaning suede try to remove foam with circle moves. That will make fleece go up. We recommend to use soft brushes and less water.

 Note: There are a lot of different types of suede which could differ in quality and colour. Before starting to clean it, we recommend to try the liquid on a small hidden piece of suede. We also recommend to avoid intensive brushing of coloured suede shoes, because it could lose the colour with any contact with extensive amount of water.

How to use Solemate correctly?

Solemate is an effective and simple-to-use product. Cleaning process consists of 6 main steps:

 Wet the brush

  1. Apply small amount of the liquid to the brush
  2. Dip brush into the water one more time and shake the excess water off
  3. Create thick foam by energetic brushing of the shoe surface and sole
  4. Remove the foam with a clean towel or napkin. Repeat the process 1-5 times depending on the level of dirtiness.
  5. Let your sneakers dry at room temperature

Note: do not dry your sneakers on a heater or using any other heating gadgets. This can change the form of wet materials.

What is it made of?

Main Solemate ingredients are surfactants, cleaning amplifiers and water. Majority of components are eco-friendly and derived from coconut and jojoba oils.