Far from the seven lands and far behind
the sea, a land known as the Netherlands
called on the Ballzy crew to show them and
offer inspiration for what a serious festival
for sneakerheads should look like. The Ballzy
crew visited Sneakerness, one of the biggest
sneaker events in the world. A world-famous
event had landed in Amsterdam, so it was a
no-brainer for the Ballzy team not to be left out.


Collectors and aftermarket gurus played an
essential role in the theme. This helped
sneakerheads of all classes and ages build
up their home sneaker collection with new
pairs of shoes they have never seen before.
Diores, Nike Yeezyes Jordans and any Off-White
collabs — you name it, they were all there.
Additionally, there was an artistic component
to the event in addition to sneakers. Local
artists who respect and who are fans of the
sneaker culture were represented, offering both
3D art and even miniature keychains, all of
which received a lot of attention from visitors.
There was also a very cool DJ who made the atmosphere
with his old-school hip-hop beats unbelievable.
So if you should read this, just know that you were
awesome and Ballzy will send you +100 respect!





We have also put together a gallery for you, where
you can see the most unique sneakers ever. Even these
kind of sneaker that we usually dream of.

Check it out and get your mind ready, because
Ballzy got a boost from the event to organize
something similar himself. We are just getting started!